Portland Short Term Rentals

Short-Term Rental Registration

The City Council approved an ordinance on April 26, 2017, that requires short-term rental units to be registered with the City of Portland. The requirement went into effect on January 1, 2018, and the annual registration must be renewed by January 1st.  For 2019, we will be providing a one-time extension to renew your registration by February 1st, 2019. Registering helps us partner with you to ensure a safe place for renters to stay. There are penalties that may be assessed for operating an unregistered rental unit. And please be aware there is a $1,000 fine for providing false information on the registration form.


The City will be sending out Short Term Rental registration renewals after December 19th and the Council granted a one-time extension of the normal deadline (January 1st) to February 1st for 2019.  

To register, please visit the Licensing and Registration Office in Room 307, 3rd floor, City Hall

Click here to download the Short Term Rental Registration form.